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Solid Exotic and Domestic Tone-wood 
Custom Guitars
About Us
What started out around 40 years ago as a love for acoustic guitars has come full circle. His first guitar was a hand-me-down acoustic his uncle gave him that he tore apart and rebuilt. A few years later he got a real acoustic that he loved to play; the warm tone, ringing of the strings and the feel and beauty of the wood hooked him from the start. However being the early seventies with inspirations like Jimmy Page, John Fogerty, Peter Frampton, Jimmy Hendrix and Santana, Dan wanted to make it scream and howl and longed for an electric guitar and some tubes to pump it through. Unable to afford the Les Paul he longed for he decided to build his own. This started him on the journey of lutherie. First reading everything he could get his hands on about guitars and building them, then tearing a few of his friends guitars apart to see how they worked, eventually he set out on the mysterious job of building his first one in 1977. Through the '80's he built several electric guitars, refining his craft, while working in a furniture factory and majoring in design in college eventually opening a guitar repair shop, Dan's Guitar Repair. Through the years he has done hundreds of custom repairs, hot rods, alterations and restorations. After building and playing rock-n-roll guitar for years Dan eventually returned to his first love, the acoustic guitar. Finally the culmination of years of practice and refinement learning how to build guitars has come to its highest level, the LeMaster acoustic. All original and destined to get better as this idea is perfected.

 I have been blessed with the desire, ability and opportunity to build guitars as a way to find my zen and as a very fulfilling hobby. I feel it's only right I share this with others, afterall I can only play one of them at a time.
I am offering these guitars at a very reasonable price hoping that more people can enjoy a beautiful handmade guitar than was the case when I was looking for one.

God Bless, Dan LeMaster​