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Solid Exotic and Domestic Tone-wood 
Custom Guitars
About the Guitars
I have been experimenting for years to understand the woods used in building guitars and then some that aren't. I have finally accepted that most of what I learned early on was true, I like the sound of the standards the most; rosewood back and sides, spruce tops, mahogany necks and rosewood fretboards, this combination gives me the chills. However, I use many types and combinations of domestic and exotic woods. It usually starts with an idea in mind of some combination of beautiful woods, then I begin to wonder what it will sound like, and it becomes another one of my guitars. If you're so inclined let me know what you like or are wondering about.
The neck is attached via a bolt-on system similar to that of a few of the very highline guitars available today. This joint enables repairs or readjustment of the neck angle possible with very little work, different than the typical dovetail joints of the past. Although this adjustment is not something we anticipate being neccessary very often, it is a reality of all guitars if subjected to adverse conditions or over time due to climate change and other situations. 
Fortunately this joint does not deter from the tonal qualities of the guitar in any way, in fact our neck is not only bolted directly to the body in a mortis and tenon, the fret board itself over the body is bolted as well which allows the soundboard and fretboard to vibrate together.
The neck on a LeMaster acoustic guitar is a complete system. 
  + Two way Gotoh truss rod adjustable at the head end of the neck.
  + Medium/High frets to play similar to my favorite electric guitars.
  + Extra wide at the nut, at least 1 3/4" to allow my wide, old hands to finger chords easily.
  + Thin and nice C shape neck allow for ease of playing, again an electric feel.
  + Short 24.875" scale for an easier feel.
  + A very low action over the fretboard and slightly higher over the body, allowing for lighter gauge strings, for ease of playing, without compromising tone. This action configuration also eliminates that aweful string rattle usually encountered when light gauge strings are used or very low actions are attempted.
The Neck Joint
The size and shape of these acoustics are all the same; a very small but deep OM body similar to a Grand Concert with a single cutaway for comfort and incredible tone and volume out of a small size guitar.
  - Length 19 1/8"
  - Lower Bout 15 1/4"
  - Upper Bout 11 1/8"
  - Depth - 4 3/8" to 3 1/2"
Soundboard has quartersawn spruce bracing that is scalloped and as minimal as possible without compromising strength, for good movement and stability.
Back and Soundboard are arched for comfort and playability.
Inlays are both elaborate and tasteful to catch the fancy of everyone.
I use the highest quality exotic and domestic woods, all obtained with respect for our world supply of woods these days.
All hardware is top quality, usually Gotoh tuning machines.
Bone nuts and saddles always used unless otherwise specified.

Acoustic Pickup Systems available, I have two recommendations:
  - L.R. Baggs Anthem System
  - Fishman Ellipse Matrix Blend

Body and Construction
All guitars must be shipped with a case, available seperately at a very reasonable, additional cost or in your case pre-sent to me. I use TKL cases. (make sure it'll fit)